Thank you for always being there and helping me! You’re always so quick to reply and get us what we need. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you, Sheila and Eddie.
Kaylene R. - Gleason, Tennessee

When my father and I had our trucking company, we chose W&A for all our insurance needs. A great bunch of people to deal with! Daddy passed away and our trucking company closed its doors. I miss talking to them from time to time. Always helpful to us.
Tonya S. -  Atwood, Tennessee

I appreciate the work ethic of one of your employees, Jennifer Cheatham. Her professionalism, knowledge, and patience is to be commended. She explains things in a way that this insurance novice could understand. I have so appreciated the time she had spent with me over the past several years, assisting me in my insurance needs. She is definitely an exemplary model for your company.
Priscilla W. - McMinnville, Tennessee

Thank you so much for your help with my insurance.  I feel blessed that you were the person that answered my call and that it wasn't just random. 
Christie C. - Franklin, Tennessee

Again, thank you for your sweet help, I am so glad I found you in a system I don't really understand.
Kim B. - Franklin, Tennessee

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my health insurance. You made the process so easy for me and are such a joy to talk to! I’m truly thankful to have dealt with you! Thank you so much.
Maranda L. -  Knoxville, Tennessee

Thank you for helping us navigate the healthcare maze. You have been a breath of fresh are in a room filled with smoke and mirrors.
Benedict S. -  Collierville, Tennessee

I wanted to call out a member of your organization for excellence. Sheila Gurien has helped me over the past two years in setting up healthcare insurance for my three children. Not only has she done her job, but she has made it about as easy for me as it possibly could be.
Larry B. - Franklin, Tennessee

I have had my insurance through White & Associates for around 8 years. I have always been pleased with their knowledge and efficient work ethic. Through the years, there have been many purchases and life changes. I have always felt confident that Christi and W&A had my best interest at heart. I have never stepped foot in the office and that kind of trust just doesn’t happen in this day and time. I would refer anyone to Christi and W&A.
Jill P.  - Humboldt, TN

I am very satisfied with White & Associates. I have had the pleasure of working with Tommy on several occasions, and Angela assisted Tommy with my recent policy change. They are very prompt, courteous and knowledgeable and I have and will continue to recommended White & Associates to family and friends. Thank you!
Shurlyn C. -  Milan, TN

I will never forget the kindness, professionalism and the speed of service that we received from Tona. She certainly is a shining star for your company!
Robin A. - Dyersburg, TN

Quite frankly, the service is fantastic. I am so pleased with my decision to partner with White & Associates. They take such a load off my back. Thanks team!
Kellen C. -  Knoxville, TN

White and Associates, and specifically Christi Pittman, have been handling our homeowners and automobile insurance for years.  She has always researched and responded to our requests/concerns in a very timely and professional manner.  I would highly recommend Christi and White and Associates for any of your insurance needs.
Dot C. - Jackson, TN

Beth Perry and the White and Associates staff are helpful and accommodating with their customer service. They all go above and beyond what they are required to do. We have had several situations that have been time consuming and difficult to handle, but Beth handled everything professional and efficient. They are always willing to take time to help you understand what's going on and will investigate if something doesn't make sense. We would highly recommend White and Associates to anyone that is looking for insurance service. They will not disappoint!
Daniel C. -  Knoxville, Tennessee

I am writing to you as an extremely satisfied customer! I’d like to share an experience that I had this week in order to express my gratitude for your company!Two nights ago, my husband and I accidentally locked our keys in our truck on a neighborhood street. The temperatures were extremely high, and the heat plus humidity combined with our rising frustration were getting the best of us. As luck would have it, our insurance agent happened to live in one of the homes down that street! We went down and knocked on the door, really just hoping to be asked in out of the heat while we made that awful phone call to have a locksmith come out and unlock our vehicle. Our agent, Kristal Carpenter, welcomed us in and asked us about our roadside assistance feature on our policy. Since we are fairly new to the company, we really weren’t sure if this was a feature we had added. And….because our wallets were left in the locked truck, we were not able to give her any information from our cards. Kristal told us not to worry, immediately made a quick call with what information she had, and within a few minutes, our roadside assistance was on the way! We were told it would take about an hour, and Kristal invited us to stay in her home until they arrived. She even walked outside with us when the locksmith came just to ask if we would be asked to pay and then reimbursed or if payment would be taken care of through the locksmith, which fortunately, it was! So…on what should have been a muggy, frustrating evening this week, my husband and I sipped cool water and watched the Olympics in the home of our gracious White and Associates agent who took care of our problem and sent us happily home within the hour! We are so grateful for your company, and so impressed with your kindness and service! Thank you for watching out for us like family! God bless!
Amy G. - Jackson, Tennessee

John, Kelly, Kathy & Troy are a pleasure to deal with. Kelly is always so friendly!  
Tammy B. - Kenton, Tennessee

We are sure glad we have our insurance with you. You are the best.  
Betty C. - Obion, Tennessee

Best insurance place around. Been doing business there for years and they have never let me down and always have a smile on their face.
Danny Q. - Troy, Tennessee

I have been with White & Associates for some time and I don’t believe I could find anybody that can do a better job. Thank y’all!
Darrell S. - Troy, Tennessee

The W&A Union City office is always friendly, helpful and very punctual in the business affairs handled for us.
Larry V.  - Union City, Tennessee

Thank you so much for coming to the rescue when I called about the water at our building! Your help made a huge difference. Who has an insurance lady that would do what you did? You have gone above and beyond.
Linda B.  - Union City, Tennessee