Whether unexpected or expected, death is a part of life. When emotions are high, a prepared outline of your personal information and wishes can greatly ease the strain placed upon your family members. 

Estate planning questionnaires are simply a road-map for your loved ones to follow. They provide your family with basic information like your mortgage loan company, your auto insurance policy details, when the electric bill comes due and which bills are auto-drafted from a bank account. 

Click the image below to download our customized questionnaire detailing the important info your family will need access to in the event that you are not able to provide it. Of course, with the very sensitive nature of this information, we recommend the completed questionnaire be stored in a very secure place. BUT we cannot stress how much relief a document like this one can offer your family in their time of need.

Feel free to give one of our offices a call if you have any questions in how to further protect your family. 


Estate Planning Questionnaire
 This document contains highly confidential information. It is your responsibility to keep this information in a safe location. This is not a legal document and should be used only as a guide to begin your estate planning.