December 25, 2015

Our annual party was TACKY CHRISTMAS! Everyone came in their favorite tacky holiday garb and celebrated another year at W&A. Many recognitions were made and it was a great time to honor the amazing people who make up White & Associates! Our “Tackiest” winners were Tommy Allmon (Personal Lines), Jeremiah Hollingsworth (Ag Services) and Christi Pittman (Personal Lines).

July 1, 2015

John & Laura Across the Finish line!For the last couple months, W&A has taken steps to incentivize healthy living. Of course, this is a delicate topic and I was initially a little hesitant to tackle the subject of employee health. The motivation for the program is about several things. You have the obvious reasons for wanting a healthier company: increased employee productivity, employee longevity and cost saving being that we all share the same group health plan. But the bigger more important reasons to pursue a program like this is the possibility for the early detection of life-threatening diseases, faster recovery time from illnesses and simply longer life. Morally, I knew pursing this program was the right thing to do.