Julia Rankin
Julia Rankin
Benefits Department 

Julia joined White & Associates in 2014. She and her husband, Davey, share a 6 year old furbaby named Bella. Julia loves coming up with design ideas and has a gift for turning a basic room or simple project into something extrodinary. She enjoys crafting with friends, spending time with her family, cooking (when the mood hits her right) and reading a good book. 

Contact Information
Email:  julia.rankin@whiteandassociates.net
Phone: 731-288-1609

Fun Facts
Something about you that most people don't know?
While working as an interior designer, I helped design and install actor Steven Seagal's Memphis home. 
What is your favorite memory from high school?
Going cow-tipping...joke was on us though. We went up to a cow, heard a strange sucking noise and then the cow charged at us. The cow had a calf and was, naturally, very scared when we approached. 
What movie can you watch over and over?
Mamma Mia! My husband hates it because it is a musical, but that's part of the reason I love it!
Something you refuse to eat?
Seafood is a "no way" for me. I can barely stand the smell of the seafood department at the grocery store. If it doesn't cluck, moo or oink, then I don't want it. 
Something good that happened today? 
I was able to say goodbye to my husband and furbaby this morning when I left for work. Davey is usually up and gone before I ever roll out of bed.