Kim Pounders
Kim Pounders
Benefits Department 

Kim joined White & Associates in 2015. She and her husband, Josh, have three boys, Lucas, Collin and Ryder. She enjoys spending time with all four of the boys in her life as often as possible. She loves baking and decorating cakes and those rare opportunities for pajamas, popcorn and a movie. 

Contact Information
Phone: 731-288-3545

Fun Facts
How did you meet your husband?
He bought a washer and dryer from my mom. We pretty much started from there and have been together everyday since. 
Your biggest cooking flop?
Brownies! I can bake just about anything, but brownies hate me. 
What would you do on a surprise day off?
As much as I dearly love my kids and husband, I think I would spend my day off all alone in the peace and quite. :)
Movie you can watch over and over?
Radio - it holds a special place in my heart. 
Quirkiest thing about you?
I stand like a stork when having to stand for long periods of time.