Laura Carnell
Laura Carnell
Commerical Department 

Laura was the very first employee to join White & Associates in 1978. To say that Laura and W&A have had a good run would be a big understatement! We would not be the same without her. Laura and her husband, Daryl, have two married children and five precious grandchildren. Laura loves to read, enjoys the beach and makes her very best effort to visit the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis at least twice a year. 

Contact Information
Phone: 731-288-3559

Fun Facts
What would you do on a suprise day off?
I would love to go to the movie theater and binge watch movies all day. 
What song is in your head right now?
5 Little Speckled granddaughter, Halle, sings it alot! 
How did you meet your husband?
I was at Sunkist Beach at Reelfoot lake. Daryl had a boat and I wanted to ski. 
Gutsiest thing you have ever done?
I surprised my entire family when I sang, "In My Daughter's Eyes," at my granddaughter's christening. I have sung at church many times but never something so personal. My mother was able to be at church that day. It is one of my most cherished memories. 
Something good that happened today?
I got morning kisses from three of my granddaughters!