Charity Morris
Account Manager

Charity joined W&A in September of 2018. Charity came to us from West Jackson Baptist Church, where she was the assistant director of the Mother’s Day Out program. She is now a licensed Property & Casualty agent. She and her husband, Andy, have six children, Noah, Elijah, Isabell, Hannah-Grace and Ellie-Joy. They also have a brand new 9 month-old puppy named Toby. Charity enjoys reading, camping, going to the beach and traveling with her family.

Contact Information
Phone: 731-664-2700

Fun Facts 
Quirkiest thing about you that most people don't know?
I am a certified clown with the Barnum and Bailey Circus.
How did you meet your husband?
In the back seat of a convertible.
What is one thing you refuse to eat, no matter how much someone offered to pay you?
What is the gutsiest thing you have ever done?
Left a comfortable job and got my insurance license. My friends in the office have been so kind and supportive and there isn't another place I would rather be!  
You favorite muscian right now?
Third Day (Always)