Vickie Hazlewood
Account Manager

Vickie Hazlewood’s career in insurance began in 2008 when Alan Cary was introduced to her at a local doctor’s office. Since then, she and Alan have made a fantastic team and her knowledge, service skills and friendly voice have guided many clients to better days! Despite many arguments, she does not work at a pharmacy, but her identical twin, Becky, does. :) Vickie is a lifelong resident of Martin and she is an avid volunteer. Vickie is a member of the Martin Kiwanis Club, where she currently serves as the President, and she also enjoys her work with the Special Olympics. Vickie and her husband, Madison, have one daughter. If you see a little red-headed pitcher slinging strikes on the softball field, you can rest assured Braedyn’s momma is near!

Contact Information
Phone:  731-587-3033