Tommy Wimberley
Tommy Wimberley

Tommy began his insurance career more than 35 years ago and has been a W&A partner for over 10 years. He says, “It’s a great thing to come to work doing something I love with a great group of people.” He and his wife, Debi, have three children,Brian, Brandon and Beth. They share five fantastic grandchildren, Sarah Jane, Reese, Caleb,Ann Taylor and Rebekah Ann.Tommy enjoys playing golf, ballroom dancing and traveling with Debi. He has been blessed to call Paris home for all his life and plans to keep it that way!

Contact Info
Phone: 731-642-5132

Fun Facts
Who is your favorite musician?
Bob Seger
What was your biggest cooking/baking flop?
None, I only do the grilling and I never mess that up. My wife does the cooking and she never fails.
Scariest movie you’ve ever seen? 
The Exorcist way back in the 70’s. I stopped going to scary movies after that.
How did you meet your wife?
At the Little League baseball park on May 7, 1965. Her bother was on my team and my father was the coach.
You have a surprise day off, how are you spending it?
Taking my grandkids to Disney World!
Gutsiest thing you’ve ever done?
Asked my perspective father-in-law if I could marry his daughter.