Jon Dyer
Jon Dyer

Jon joined the Wimberley Agency in 2015 and has rapidly grown into a knowledgeable Property, Casualty, Life and Health agent. Jon and his wife, Savanna, met in high school and sparks flew when they were both sophomores at Bethel University. They were married in 2015 and share one pup named, Piper, and the sweetest baby girl, Demi Jo. Jon enjoys spending time on Kentucky Lake with friends, golfing, hunting and Tennessee Football.

Contact Info
Phone: 731-642-5132

Fun Facts
What is the gutsiest thing you’ve ever done?
I’ve competed in several wakeboarding competitions. Some of the tricks/flips can be very intense!
What is one thing you refuse to eat, no matter how much someone offered to pay you?
There is a price for everything.
Last book you read?
R.L. Stine’s “Goosebumps”…just kidding. Actually, my older brother was published recently. His book is called, “Esoteric Hollywood.” It is about symbolism in movies and available for purchase on Amazon :).
If someone made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?
Definitely Morgan Freeman.
What song is stuck in your head right now?
“You should probably leave” - Chris Stapleton