Pattie Kellogg
Pattie Kellogg
Customer Service Representative

Pattie began her insurance career in 1988 and joined the White & Associates Wimberley Agency in 1992. Pattie has seen a little bit of it all over the past few decades and what she continues to like most about her career is being able to get to know her clients and helping them when help is needed the most. Pattie is the oldest of four siblings, Pattie, Peggy, Penny and Paul. She has two niece’s, Paige and Paula and a Poodle/Rat Terrier furbaby. Pattie and her family still all live in Henry County and she loves getting to spend time with them. She enjoys working Suduko puzzles, playing Scrabble and traveling to the beach and the mountains.

Contact Information
Phone: 731-642-5132

Fun Facts
If someone made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you? 
Sally Field
Your favorite band right now?
Little Big Town
Gutsiest thing you have ever done? 
Canoeing on the Buffalo River twice!
Biggest cooking flop?
Meatloaf...i put way too much tomato sauce in it. It tasted good but it fell apart when you sliced it.
Have you always lived where you are currently living?
No, my parents moved to Michigan for work and I was born there. We moved back to Paris, Tennessee when I was nine months old and I have lived in Paris ever since. It’s home.
What movie can you watch over and over again?
The Notebook