Our agency was established in the 1950's operating under the name of "Wilbur Doyle Agency." In the 1970's, Jim Simmons purchased the agency and later sold it to Curtis Bodiford, who operated under the name of Bodiford Insurance Agency from the late 70's through 1986. Mr. Bodiford moved in 1986 and Marilyn Easterling took the position of manager. In 1988, Marilyn purchased the agency and began operating under the name of "Old Line Insurance Agency." The name is reminiscent of the "Old Line," the train that operated between Grand Junction and Bolivar. We have now decorated our office with train memorabilia. In fact, many of the items have been donated by our customers.

In the fall of 2001, Marilyn Easterling and Larry White formed a partnership and officially opened as White & Associates Insurance/Old Line Agency on January 1, 2002. With the many changes that have occurred, we are proud to still serve many of our of customers that we have had since the 1950s!

Old Line Agency Staff

Marilyn Easterling

Lori Vandiver
Account Manager 

Gail Hopper
Account Manager 

Mindy Vaughn
Account Manager